Greenfield community for an SME business park – Vlaamse Staak, Opwijk, Mechelen, Flanders – January 2019 – September 2021.

​Vlaamse Staak is a greenfield project in which a new SME business area will be developed that supports LEC services ‘out of the box’.

A framework is created where SMEs can implement their space heating in a sustainable manner.

As it is not yet clear which SMEs will establish themselves on the site and when, it is not easy to estimate the evolution of energy demand. Upfront investment in renewable energy is therefore risky.

A first step departs from the concrete investment plans of the SMEs themselves.


As soon as a company starts with the construction of an industrial building, Wattson will work out an energy concept based on a heat pump as an alternative to space heating based on natural gas.

Despite CORONA, about five SMEs have meanwhile signed an agreement with Wattson for the implementation of a tailor made sustainable energy concept.

Primary objectives of this site


The energy flows of all SMEs are also monitored, which gives us a better idea of the LEC potential of the site.


This information, together with a better understanding of the prevailing LEC rates, allows us to evaluate the conversion of De Vlaamse Staak into an LEC.

In any case, the SMEs are future proof because Wattson not only provides monitoring but also active control of the various components of the energy concept (e.g. PV, heat pump, charging station, ...).


This control is currently being developed together with Powerdale/Th!nk E. In this way, the SMEs will in any case be ready by the time the capacity tariff enters into force in 2022.




Th!nk E



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