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Exchanging energy between businesses – Smart Energy Campus Mechelen Noord, Mechelen, Flanders – January 2019 – September 2021

In the Mechelen Noord business park, a business consortium, will analyse the possibility of exchanging energy between the businesses.

Real-time optimisation of renewable energy generation, flexibility in load and local storage will allow generating a better user consumer profile and guarantee a more stable network for the grid operator. The study will also investigate whether the storage capacity of electric vehicles in combination with local energy storage can be used as a reliable peak power station.

Primary objectives of this site
  • Increase local production

  • Increase self-consumption

  • Improve power quality

  • Test tariffing structures

  • Test triggers for participation

  • PV installation sizing

  • Number of EV charging stations

  • Battery sizing in energy and power

  • Required microgrid functionalities (stability, no-break, …)

  • Load limitations or minimum requirements

Prove technically that the presence of a LEC with decentralized production combined with decentralized management of the energy, and with shared energy coming from the green assets, will decrease grid congestion and increase the installed capacities of decentralized generation.





ENGIE Electrabel

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