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Industrial center for innovation on green energy – Research Park – Zellik, Flanders – January 2019 – September 2021.

The Green Energy Park is a project of construction and development of an innovation center on green energy, operational by 2021. It lays in an industrial zone (Research Park Zellik) where another 70 companies from different sectors are active.


The Green Energy Park will host interconnected prosumers including a large green data centre (>1 MW thermal producer), an incubator for start-ups and a large parking lot (150-400 vehicles) with electric charging infrastructure. In addition, it will integrate centralized renewable energy production systems (large solar & wind energy), cogeneration and energy storage capacity (batteries and vehicle-to-grid). Finally, it aims to create a local energy system in which all participating companies and institutes are active in a local peer-to-peer energy trading market, to decrease its dependence on the grid.

Primary objectives of this site

The Green Energy Campus endeavors to develop and implement a CO2-neutral, self-sufficient multi-energy grid that also serves as a living lab to develop, test, and validate market ready products and services for microgrids in real-life conditions.


On the short term, the objective is to install digital meters for all the existing buildings + the creation of digital twin (a scale model that visualises the live energy (electrical+thermical) data).


VUB/Green Energy Park NV,

21 existing business building owners (70 companies),

Research businesses,




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