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Assessing Community Boundaries – Graaf Karel De Goedelaan, Kortrijk, Flanders – January 2019 – September 2021

The site is one of the most important sites in West-Flanders when it comes to education of new technical engineers and is in full expansion. The existing technical schools are connected and can exchange energy.


In addition, a low temperature district heating network between the new swimming pool and the public building is being established. Furthermore, a district heating network is installed to connect the southern and northern part of the district. With other more buildings that will be built, the district will become a dense group of connected buildings in the medium term.


Primary objectives of this site


Assess different LEC boundaries and corresponding system design alternatives, for the following activities:

  • Increased local electricity production (CHP, solar PV), self-consumption and sharing of energy (potentially beyond LEC boundaries)

  • EV car charging, battery storage and smart system control (to participate in energy markets)

  • Value chain (roles and local agreements)

  • Tariffing structures

  • Triggers for participation



The project will benefit from the addition of several technologies on site such as the district heating grid, solar PV, smart meters, smart EV chargers, electrical storage.  



Antea Group

Stad Kortrijk






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