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Smart residential neighbourhood - Oud-Heverlee, Flanders – January 2019 – September 2021.

This residential neighborhood is one of the many in Flanders that has been expanded from a few old farms to a rather dense group of buildings while the public grid has not been adapted.

The neighborhood suffers from poor power quality with a relatively high number of outages. The increase in number of electric vehicles, PV and heat pumps, shows the limits with high voltage swings and with voltages dropping below 200 V.

Primary objectives of this site

This pilot site mainly focuses on the triggers for participating, the cooperation structure, opt out options, power quality and increased self-consumption in creating a LEC.


Th!nkE: site manager, installation of hybrid heat pumps, communication, data

Laborelec: algorithms

Thermovault: management of devices

Magenta Tree: economic assessment

Metha: regulatory side, GDPR

KUL: hydrogen panels

ABB: metering, neighbourhood battery


Article with pictures on Eco Bouwers (in Dutch)

Article in TJD with Jonas Lampens photo (in Dutch)

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