Community impact on a heterogeneous set of apartments – Leuven, Genk – January 2019 – September 2021

In this test site, the impact of LEC regulation will be investigated for a heterogeneous selection of electrically heated apartment buildings from a technological and socio-economic perspective, considered to be representative for Flanders.

Primary objectives of this site

  • Improve energy efficiency of the heat pumps

  • Introduce unit-, LEC-, and cross-LEC peak-shaving and self-consumption strategies

  • Combine unit-, LEC-, and cross-LEC strategies with providing ancillary services to the transmission system operator

  • Quantify the impact of residential electric heating system architecture and PV topology (decentral or communal area), and heating type (resistance or heatpump based) on the final electricty bill

  • Quantify impact of household and community level tariff structures

  • Test triggers for participation